Storm Water Bioretention: Dirty to Clean | Youth Workshop

Saturday, October 14, 2023 | 1:00PM – 4:00PM | Tickets


Take on the challenge of creating a vegetative filtration system that collects, slows, and filters rainwater to produce clean water. We’ll start with a tour of the innovative stormwater infrastructure and treatment system at Weber Thompson’s Watershed Building. Let’s explore the idea of bioretention cells as a springboard for your own stormwater management system. How will you collect rainwater? How will you funnel it to a bio-swale? Can you integrate a public feature into the design? How will you make it mind-blowingly awesome? Will you collect rainwater from a bridge, a neighborhood, or a building?

Our youth workshops encourage students ages 10-16 to tackle social, environmental, and engineering challenges. With an extended emphasis on more conceptual issues and demanding architectural concepts, these workshops are perfect for older students. Hosted at Seattle-area architectural offices, SAF staff and volunteer architects support participants as they plan, build, and present solutions to imaginative and thought-provoking design challenges.

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Photos by Jocelyn RC


Photo by Jocelyn RC