26th Annual Architectural Model Exhibit | CommUNITY

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Each year, SAF's Model Exhibit celebrates the creativity of local and international designers and firms by connecting audiences to the process of architectural design. Through physical and digital models, architectural renderings, and other displays, the exhibit unveils how architecture and design shape our everyday lives.

This year's exhibit invites us to reflect on architecture as a catalyst for interaction, connections, and community, and as the carving of space where diverse communities converge and thrive. This year's exhibit is curated by SAF's Exhibit Committee of community members. By decentering hyper-individuality and highlighting collective and collaborative narratives of the built environment, CommUNITY honors Seattle's diverse population through a design-focused lens. Join us as we explore the transformative power of architectural design in fostering CommUNITY.

Visit the Center for Architecture and Design at 1010 Western Avenue to see it through our windows until September 7th, or experience the exhibit online.

Please email info@seattlearchitecture.org to set up an in-person viewing appointment.

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Exhibit Programming

The Seattle Architecture Foundation produces programs and experiences that amplify exhibits on display at the Center for Architecture and Design. Panel discussions, lectures, and workshops are some examples of the programming available.

To learn more, please check out our public programs.

Past Exhibits


2022 - Junction

“JUNCTION”, SAF’s 25th Architectural Model Exhibit, illuminates and invites us to reflect on the dual craving for spaces that celebrate individual pathways as well as those that promote collaboration. What connections will our society choose to build as we navigate an uncertain future? How can intelligent design create spaces – physical, virtual, or imagined – that honor identity while promoting cohesion?

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2021 - Breathe

2021 is a year of aspiration. Emerging from COVID lockdown, we are ready to take a deep breath and consider our future. Aspiration means ambition and the act of breathing in. SAF’s 24th Annual Architectural Model Exhibit theme “Breathe” is meant to inspire submissions that reflect on this dual meaning: faced with the passing of an immediate crisis, how will we pause and rethink our world? When we do exhale, what new forms will we breathe into life?

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2020 - Iterations

Iterations celebrates the germination of a design idea and how it's nurtured over time through the exploration of writing, drawing, modeling and material studies. These studies serve a myriad of functions, whether they depict the architectural elements employed, represent the building in its site, or serve to test a custom detail or connection. Iterations examines the dynamics of the design process, demonstrates the path to a final concept, and illustrates the influence a completed project has on the continuing evolution of the built environment.

Experience the exhibit online

Past Exhibit Events

Breathe | SAF 24th Annual Model Exhibit Panel Discussion

October 27, 2021, 5:00PM – 6:00PM

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Character Matters | Diversity by Design Exhibit

June 21, 2022, 6:00PM – 7:15PM…

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25th Annual SAF Model Exhibit | JUNCTION Opening Reception

August 10, 2022, 6:00PM – 8:00PM…

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Members-Only Mixer with Greg Gettman

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 | 5:ooPM…

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