Design shapes communities on many levels, whether we are conscious of its impact or not. Everything we touch, everything we see in the built environment is a product of the design process. Plazas, public spaces, even things considered natural, like parks and landscaping, are intentionally designed. SAF awakens people to these influences and increases the public’s awareness and appreciation of design in the built environment. An architecturally informed population becomes involved in exploring options and is enthusiastic about its choices. Ultimately, the shape of our communities reflects who we are and who we want to be.

Our Mission

The Seattle Architecture Foundation connects people to the architecture, design and history of Seattle. We provide entertaining workshops, dynamic tours, educational seminars and enthusiastic community advocacy. Through our programs and civic engagement, SAF will empower you to make a difference in your community.

Core Values

EDUCATION: Through entertaining and informative programs and events, SAF educates people about their built environment. This develops greater understanding and appreciation of architecture, and enhances awareness of how design enriches our lives.

INSPIRATION: Bolstered by an enhanced awareness of their built environment and a greater comprehension of the power of design, people are inspired to become engaged in the community through participation and advocacy.

EXCELLENCE: SAF provides an opportunity for people to enhance their design knowledge, allowing them to seek and recognize excellence according to their own values and experience. SAF offers the highest quality programs and events, and serves as a community resource for information on the built environment.

COMMUNITY: Connecting the community with its architecture and design instills a lifelong commitment to and responsibility for the built environment. SAF collaborates with community organizations to increase community members’ effectiveness and forward their vision.

INTEGRITY: SAF promotes open communication of all policies, procedures and financial records and is committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.


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Seattle Architecture Foundation
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Will investing in a #KeyArena remodel "turn a potential architectural white elephant into a swan"

Check out this article from Crosscut abut two proposals to preserve the Paul Thiry stadium.

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In a rapidly-changing city, can KeyArena save its charm?


Historic preservation is unpredictable in Seattle, and it’s never been a sure thing with sports facilities. The site of classic Sicks’ Stadium is a Lowe’s Hardware and the Kingdome was blown to smithereens. But in the fevered atmosphere of a … Continue reading →