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THE PERFECT WAY TO SPEND YOUR DAY The Seattle Metropolitan Magazine selected SAF’s Design Details tour for one of its “26 Perfect Saturdays” cover story:seattlemet.com article. VIRTUAL TOURS Take a virtual tour of Privately Owned Public Open Spaces (POPOS) with Guy Michaelsen, SAF Director! This well-


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Seattle Architecture Foundation
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Will investing in a #KeyArena remodel "turn a potential architectural white elephant into a swan"

Check out this article from Crosscut abut two proposals to preserve the Paul Thiry stadium.

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In a rapidly-changing city, can KeyArena save its charm?


Historic preservation is unpredictable in Seattle, and it’s never been a sure thing with sports facilities. The site of classic Sicks’ Stadium is a Lowe’s Hardware and the Kingdome was blown to smithereens. But in the fevered atmosphere of a … Continue reading →