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THE PERFECT WAY TO SPEND YOUR DAY The Seattle Metropolitan Magazine selected SAF’s Design Details tour for one of its “26 Perfect Saturdays” cover story:seattlemet.com article. VIRTUAL TOURS Take a virtual tour of Privately Owned Public Open Spaces (POPOS) with Guy Michaelsen, SAF Director! This well-


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Develop an appreciation for the social forces that shaped Seattle and our built environment on Saturday's Greatest Hits tour.

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Greatest Hits Tour: Chart Toppers and Heart-Stoppers Tickets | Dilettante Mocha Café (in Rainier Square) | Seattle, WA | April 29, 2017 | Seattle Architecture


It’s a new riff on the city as we focus on the construction, context, and culture which shaped our skyline, from golden oldies like Kirtland Cutter’s Rainier Club to popular favorites like the Rem Koolhaas’ asymmetric, cantilevered Central Library. You’ll develop an appreciat